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Found a Used Car at

Found a Used Car at

When my Dodge Neon finally kicked the bucket a couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t happy.  I count on my car to get me where I need to go each and every day, and I sure wasn’t going to take the city bus.  I needed to find a replacement for my car quickly, with as little trouble as possible.

I started off looking at some of the websites of car dealerships in the area, but they were less than useful.  There was too much work involved trying to find a good deal from a dozen car dealerships in the area, and since each of their sites was different, it became a headache rather quickly.

It wasn’t until I discovered that I had some hope that I would find a new vehicle.  You see, Car Soup makes it easy to find used cars, as you can search for the type of vehicle that you are looking for.

In my case, I wanted to find cars for sale within 50 miles of my home, had low miles and were less than $20,000.  With a few clicks on Car Soup, I was able to see a selection of vehicles that met my criteria, and make a list of my favorite car listings to follow up on.

It was really easy.

In fact, I was able to find a replacement car in just a few days, and I couldn’t be happier.

If you are looking for an easy way to find your next vehicle or are looking to sell your existing car, truck or SUV, head on over to

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June 29, 20150 comments
Fixing our Newest Rental Property

Fixing our Newest Rental Property

While I was down in Michigan, I had the time to drive around and find some new properties to add to my real estate portfolio.  Instead of leaving everything to chance, I did my research before traveling and narrowed my search down to a few properties that met my investment criteria.

I visited each property in person to ensure that they were as they were described in their real estate listings.

I bought two.

While one property was in perfect shape to rent out right away, there was one that needed a little TLC.  The roof on the property in Trenton was in rough shape, and I wanted to make sure to get it fixed before we rented it out.

But I was no roofer.

I called around to a number of companies that specialized in roof repair Trenton Michigan, and found one that was willing to come out and take a look.  As it turned out, there was no damage to the roof yet, but if the shingles were not replaced, we would run into issues.

So, I booked Downriver Roofers to re-shingle the roof.

They should be done later today.

I am hoping that we will still be able to manage to rent out this home before July 1st, but it will be cutting things close.  Whatever happens, the sooner that we can rent it out, the better – I need to make a return on my investment.

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Fallout 4 Coming in November

Fallout 4 Coming in November

As many of you know, I am an avid gamer that somehow manages to find time to play video games despite having a busy life.  Out of all the series of games that I play, I would have to say that the Fallout series of games would be my favorite.  I love playing in a post-apocalyptic world with both first-person shooting and roleplaying game elements.

That describes the Fallout series to a tee.

So when I learned that the latest installment of the series was coming out in November, I was stoked – since finishing Fallout: New Vegas, I have really felt that there was a void to fill in my life.

Which this new game will satisfy.

While I wait, I will probably watch the following gameplay teaser a few times, but that is okay, right?

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Enjoying the New Lifehouse Album

Enjoying the New Lifehouse Album

It seems that there is never enough time in my life to listen to music.  I love how music can change how you feel and make even the most mundane things feel fun.  I have been working on cleaning up the house here today as it is too warm to be outside, and I will be the first to tell you that I just don’t like cleaning.  I know that it has to be done, but I hate every minute of it.

Unless I can listen to music.

Which is exactly what I am doing.

A couple of days ago my copy of Lifehouse’s latest album, Out of the Wasteland, showed up at my door.  I was too busy with life to listen to it, but it seemed to be the perfect compliment to the chores that I was going.

And I was right.

It made cleaning tolerable.

In fact, time has flown by since I started to listen to the music.  My favorite would have to be Runaways – you can listen to it below:

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Fixing Grandmother’s Roof

Fixing Grandmother’s Roof

Last week, I took a trip out to Farmington Hills, Michigan to visit my grandmother.  She is as quick as a whip and still lives in her home of fifty years on her own.  My grandfather has long since passed away, but she keeps busy taking care of her little home.

I get out there to help as often as I can.

The last time that I was out at her house about a month ago, we noticed that her roof was leaking and needed to be fixed.  At the time, I found a company, Twelve Oaks Roofing, that specialized in roof repair Farmington Hills MI that was willing to make an appointment for the next time that I was in town.  They were friendly on the phone and answered all of my questions which I really appreciated.

Grandma and I were really impressed with the work crew as well.  They were kind and friendly, and they explained exactly what they were going to do to the house.

I know my grandmother was impressed.

They completed the work quickly and ahead of schedule, cleaned up their mess, and the yard showed no signs that they were even there – except for the new shingles on the roof.

We’ll definitely be using them again if we ever need to fix grandma’s roof again – it was a good experience working with Twelve Oaks Roofing.

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Replacing Our Printing Machinery at School

Replacing Our Printing Machinery at School

For years, the student body at the local high school has printed and published their own school paper.  It is a means for the students to showcase their art and writing, let the community know about local events and is a means for the school to raise money for extra-curricular programs.  For many students, it is the first time that they have the opportunity to work in a business setting, and is an invaluable experience for all of the students that participate.

The program has run trouble free for the last ten years.

But two months ago, we noticed that we were having issues with our printing machinery.  While it has been maintained regularly, the machinery was getting old, and it looked like we needed to replace it.  Thankfully, we were able to get the last issue of the paper done before the machine printed its’ last paper.

At least we have until fall to replace it.

When we started looking at used printing machinery, we came across, a company that specializes in used printing and graphic equipment.  They had a large selection of graphic equipment from companies like Heidelberg, Komori, KBA and other second hand equipment.

They didn’t have what we needed right now, but we signed up for their autonotify feature that will let us know when the right kind of machinery becomes available.  Thanks to their help, I know that we will be able to replace our printing machinery by the fall.

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June 20, 20150 comments
Writing my Autobiography

Writing my Autobiography

As many of you know I love writing and have had quite the interesting journey through my life up until now.  Many of you have glimpsed some of the moments that I have had right here on this blog, but I really have more of a story to tell.  While I could look at it as another money making opportunity, I really look at it as something that I can give my kids – the story of my life.

But I didn’t know how to start.

I tried a few times on my own, but honestly it didn’t really flow properly.  I found it challenging to get my life stories down on paper – everything I wrote seemed very clunky.

I needed help.

Memoir Writing Made Easy Looking online for the solution, I came across Memoir Writing Made Easy, and autobiography writing manual by Gail Woodward.  Inside the 100+ page book I learned step-by-step how to write an autobiography.  No, I didn’t learn it overnight, but instead I set aside time each week to work on the ten lessons found in the book on my journey to learn how to write an autobiography.

The book was well thought out, and I learned a lot from its’ pages.   In fact, I am working on my autobiography every Thursday night until I am done.

It is coming together nicely.

If you are thinking that you would like to write your own life story, but just can’t think of how to start, you need a copy of Memoir Writing Made Easy.  You can get your copy here

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Offroading at Night

Offroading at Night

My best friend Bruce owns and acreage, and at night on the weekends, we do a little offroading in his Jeep.  It is quite the adventure driving through challenging terrain at night, and there have been a few times where we just about rolled his Jeep.

But so far we haven’t.

Initially when we gave the course a test-run, it just about ended up in disaster.  You see, we were just using the stock halogen bulbs on his jeep to drive at night.

It was freaky because you couldn’t see anything.

While the headlights were good on the highway, they were a terrible choice for someone that was trying to drive through the bush at night.

Thankfully, we found a solution.

Bruce bought some LED Rally Driving Lights and we mounted them on the Jeep.  They are designed specifically for night and offroad driving, and they made a world of difference.  Instead of trying to struggle to see, these LED driving lights lit up the trail in front of us, making the entire experience safer.

If you are looking for some good LED lights to brighten up the road in front of your vehicle for your next street race or offroad experience, you need to get a set of lights here

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June 19, 20150 comments
Adding a Touch of Art in the Break Room

Adding a Touch of Art in the Break Room

Our employees work hard, and we learned years ago that it was important to provide our staff with a place where they could rest during their breaks and lunches.  We set aside a wide and open room to give everyone a place to escape from the business aspect that the office provides.

Setting up the break room has been a continuing evolving process that gives us the opportunity to see what works and where we can improve based on the feedback from our staff.  Some of the ideas that we had initially were way off of the mark, and since we are listening to what our staff want to see in their space, we are actively working to make the break room that perfect place where staff can spend away from their desks.

One of the biggest complaints was the lack of color in the break room.  We had chairs, tables and couches, but there was not one stitch of color.

We had to fix it.

The solution was a lot simpler than we could have thought.  You see, we were looking for some coffee tables that would fit in the break room that would go perfectly with the armchairs that we had purchased. 

Like always, we looked online, and we found the perfect companion for those armchairs – art coffee tables.  Not only do these tables provide much needed table space, but add a touch of color as well.  The response by the staff has been very positive, and we will continue to add other art inspired items to their break room.

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Customizing my New Car

Customizing my New Car

For years I have wanted to buy a new car, and I finally had the money to buy one, so I did.  I picked up a blue, 2015 Dodge Challenger, and it is the nicest car I have ever driven.  It sure beats the old Ford Focus that I upgraded from, and every time that I get behind the wheel I can’t help but have a grin on my face.

While I do have a sweet ride, I really felt that it was missing something.  My Challenger looked like everyone else’s, and that wasn’t good for me.

So, I decided to do something about it.

I headed over to ebay and checked out some custom car decals they had available.  I was looking for something that would really make my car stand out from the crowd, and I knew that ebay was the perfect place to look for that unique look.

I ended up buying some American Racing vinyl decals from decaldepot-n-shirts (, a reputable ebay seller that specializes in car and truck accessories as well as decals.  Delivery was fast, and within a few days, the decals were at my door.

Applying the decals was easy, and when I stepped back to look at my handiwork, I couldn’t help but have a smile on my face – my car looked really good thanks

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