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Creating Works of Art on my Phone

Creating Works of Art on my Phone

I spend a lot of time traveling for work, and  good portion of my week is spent waiting for my flight or my clients.  Usually I spend this downtime fooling around on my phone, checking Facebook and was playing games.

Basically I was wasting time.

A good friend of mine suggested that I try Paintastic, a drawing app for Android phones.  I downloaded it from the Play Store to give it a try.

As many of you know, I am not the best artist in the work, but with Paintastic, I was able to come up with some nice drawings.  I love having a creative outlet right in my pocket as it gives my mind a break from work and lets me melt the stress away.

Creating works of art on my phone is very therapeutic.

I have tried many features of the app and have created a wide range of artwork.  From simple doodles, to paintings, I have been able to throw just about everything at Paintastic and it has worked flawlessly.

Whether you are a seasoned artist or someone who likes to doodle, Paintastic is a great drawing app for your Android phone.  To learn more and install it on your phone, visit their Google Play Store page here: Pintastic.

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May 29, 20150 comments
Discovered Facetime for Android

Discovered Facetime for Android

I have been an avid user of the iPhone for years, but this time when it was time for me to get a new phone, I had a change of heart.  I really didn’t find that the new iPhone provided enough value for what I was looking for in a phone, so I decided to go with an Android phone instead.  I figured that an Android phone would have all of the same apps as my iPhone, so I wasn’t worried about changing over to Android.

While it was a bit of a learning curve, I did manage to figure out my Samsung phone pretty easily.  But when I went to chat with my mother on the phone, I realized one thing:

My phone didn’t have Facetime.

I had not realized that one of the apps that I used all of the time on my iPhone would not be installed on my Samsung phone.

I had a little panic attack.

But after I calmed down, I decided to see if I could find some kind of facetime for Android.  There had to be something that would work exactly the same way, right?

After a bit of research, I found myself at  Their site had a tutorial on how to setup your phone so that you could have video chats with Google Hangouts.

It was easy to setup my phone with this video chatting software and now my mother and I can still have our weekly video chat over our phones.  I am happy I was able to figure this out.

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Working on my Presentation

Working on my Presentation

As some of you know, I have been taking a night class this year over at the university to learn Greek as a second language.  I figured that I had some free time in my evenings, so it made sense to do something productive that would let me grow as a person.  I have always been a fan of learning new languages (currently I am fluent in three of them), so I enrolled in this program to learn Greek.

It has been a blast.

Each of the students in the class are supposed to create a two minute speech about any kind of household item.  We are supposed to talk about it, how we use it in our home, and answer a couple of simple questions about it after our presentation is done.

I found it very challenging to find something in our house that I could talk about, but I ended up choosing water filters, which is φιλτρα νερου in Greek.  I was most familiar with them as we just had a reverse osmosis system installed in our home in the last month, so it made the most sense.  Most people could related to this kind of household item, so I figured that it would be easy to craft a presentation around it.

I will be presenting in about a weeks time, so I will be practicing my speech until then.

Wish me luck!

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Enjoying my Memory Foam Mattress

Enjoying my Memory Foam Mattress

My Memory Foam Mattress from

When I started having back problems from my old and worn out bed, I decided it was time to be replaced.  I wanted to get myself a bed that provided good back support that would ensure that I would have a good sleep every night.

But when I went out to some of the local furniture stores, I realized that if I wanted a mattress that would meet my needs, I would have to spend more than a thousand dollars on it.  I didn’t have that kind of money since I was a college student, and I didn’t know what to do.

So I sat down at my computer and searched for some kind of solution online.

That is when I discovered, a company whose goal was to provide affordable luxury memory foam mattresses to the world.  Made in the USA, their medium firm mattresses ensure that you have a good night sleep each and every night without breaking your budget.  They are able to do this by cutting out the middle men.  I loved that they provided free shipping, and that they give a portion of the proceeds from each sale to charity.

They provided exactly what I was looking for.

I ordered a Queen size memory foam mattress and it was delivered right to my door.  It was the most comfortable bed that I have ever had the opportunity to sleep on and thankfully my back problems have disappeared.

Overall, I am extremely happy with my purchase.

To learn more about Live and Sleep and their memory foam mattresses, head on over to their site at

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Using my Smartphone as a Universal Remote

Using my Smartphone as a Universal Remote

One of the biggest reasons that I bought my HTC One was that it had an IR blaster on the phone.  The idea was that you could control your television with the bundled software that came with the phone.  While it did work okay, I really thought that they missed the mark as there was the potential to use the phone to control everything that had an infrared receiver.

Thankfully, someone recognized this opportunity and found a solution.

Tiger Color has created an app for Android phone users, AnyMote, a universal remote for Android.  The app allows me to use my phone to control anything that has an infrared receiver which opens up an infinite number of possible uses for my phone.

I have AnyMote setup to work with my television, my air conditioner, some of my children’s toys as well as our home stereo.  Using the app is easy, and I found it really easy to add additional devices to control with my phone.

This app has really made a difference in my house as I don’t stress out about having to find the right remote anymore.  My phone has been transformed into a universal remote and I love it.

To learn how you can turn your high-end smartphone into a universal remote, visit the AnyMote Google Play Store page here

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Using Custom Bobbleheads for an Anniversary Cake

Using Custom Bobbleheads for an Anniversary Cake

It is hard to believe that my parents will be celebrating their fiftieth anniversary this year.  Most of my friend’s parents haven’t stayed married, so I am pretty proud of them.  It hasn’t all been roses, but they persevered and we are going to celebrate their accomplishment.

We are going to try and make their anniversary a big deal and we have invited their friends and family to share in their special day.  There will be a lot of food to eat and a lot of visiting to do, so it should be a lot of fun.

The one moment that I will be waiting for will be when they will cut their cake.  We decided to get them a wedding cake, and instead of a wedding topper that you would get in the store, we ordered them custom bobbleheads to be used as the cake topper.

We ordered the bobbleheads from, a website that allows you to upload a photo to their site and they will create a bobble head from the picture.

It is really quite amazing.  The bobbleheads look like my parents.

I know that my mom will blush and my father will laugh, and I really think that they will appreciate that we went the extra mile for them. 

Their anniversary is going to be fun!

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May 28, 20150 comments
Choosing an Alarm System for our Home

Choosing an Alarm System for our Home

When we moved to this neighborhood in town five years ago, it was a safe place to raise a family.  But things have changed drastically since those days, and after a string of break-ins happened on our block, I decided that it was time to find an alarm system for our home.

But I didn’t know anything about them.

Instead of leaving everything to chance, I decided to do a little research before buying an alarm system.  I knew that there were so many choices out there, but I really just wanted to pick a home alarm system that met my needs – I didn’t need a lot of extra bells and whistles.

I spent my time reading home alarm system reviews from to find out what was available on the market and find the perfect system for me.  I loved that the site provided details on all of the security providers including price, features and the pros and cons of each system.  Everything was right there at my fingertips, making it easy for me to compare home security systems.  The phone numbers for each company were also present, which made everything so easy.

If you are looking for an alarm system and don’t know which one to choose, head on over to and make an informed buying decision.

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CreativeWorx TimeTracker Now Integrates Seamlessly with QuickBooks

CreativeWorx TimeTracker Now Integrates Seamlessly with QuickBooks

CreativeWorx was given a Special Achievement Recognition by Tony Chang, Product Manager, from Intuit Platform Services, at Startup Weekend in NYC.  Their achievement was based upon the completion of their production quality integration with Quickbooks Online in just 2 days.

CreativeWorx TimeTracker now integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks to generate accurate timesheets for easy review, adjustment and submission.  It solves the problem of late and inaccurate timesheets once and for all.

TimeTracker is used in more than 100 countries around the world to automatically capture time spent in tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Apple Productivity Tools, Microsoft Office, and many more.  There are no timers required and it works quietly in the background gathering all of the information related to how you are spending your time.

The timesheets generated by this software provide an easy way visualize your productivity data.  Paired with a robust set of tools including a full set of analytics and user-generated reports, TimeTracker provides an easy way to manage your time in an efficient manner.

Expected to be released in a few weeks, CreativeWorx is allowing people to signup for early access to the TimeTracker Add-on for QuickBooks.  To get early access to this essential time management tool, signup on their TimeTracker Add-on for Quickbooks page.

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Kansas City Web Design Firm Reinvents our Website

Kansas City Web Design Firm Reinvents our Website

When it comes to the design of your website, it is important to make a good first impression.  Your website is the first impression that your company will make on a potential client, and you want to make sure that it is a good one.  In our case, I had originally designed our company website on my own, but after asking my friends what they thought about it, I discovered one thing:

I was not a web designer.

The design that I did made it look like one of those horrible websites that we used to see in the nineties.

It was not going to give us the impression that we were hoping for.

So we looked outside of our organization for a solution to our little website problem.

We ended up working with, a Kansas City web design firm that specialized in transforming existing websites into masterpieces.  I loved that their staff was happy to answer all of my questions, and the sample websites that I looked at were fast, responsive and memorable.

I felt very comfortable leaving the responsibility of coming up with a new design for our site in their hands.

It didn’t take them long to deliver our order, and I have to say that they did a tremendous job with our site.  I think that our customers will really love our new site and it will serve as the perfect first impression of our company to the thousands of visitors that come to our site daily.

Working with Impact Social Media was a wonderful experience, and I know we will use them for any of our future web design projects.

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Focusing on Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

Focusing on Healthy Foods to Lose Weight

Have you ever had one of those moments where your view of the world around you changes forever?  I did this weekend while we were staying at a hotel.  I stepped out of the shower and looked at myself in the mirror.

It wasn’t pretty.

I know that I had been gaining weight  over the last few months, but honestly, I didn’t think I gained that much.  As it turns, out, I have actually put on about twenty pounds and I looked awful.

I needed to do something about that.

One of the easiest ways that I figured that I would be able to shed the pounds was going to be making healthy food the focus of my diet.  Now, I am using the word “diet” loosely – I am not planning some crazy eating schedule or anything like that.  The real step I am taking here is to eat less junk food and choose healthier alternatives – that is it.

I know that it will take some time to lose this extra weight that I have gained, but every step that I take to reduce my weight and develop healthy eating habits is a good one.  Hopefully I will be able to get back to my regular weight in a few months – I don’t ever want to be overweight again.

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