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I Finally Understand Object Oriented Programming

I Finally Understand Object Oriented Programming

Up until college I found computer science easy.  I suppose that since I grew up with my hands attached to the keyboard I was really destined to be a computer programmer.  It was definitely a passion I pursued, and I coded things just for fun because I loved it.

But when I started college, the one concept that I really struggled with was Object Oriented Programming.  This programming methodology is used in many different programming languages and is one of the key concepts that a software engineer needs to know.

But I didn’t get it.

In fact, I had to drop out of my computer science class because I couldn’t figure it out.  Even with the help of my friends and a tutor, I struggled with it so much I had to drop out of the class and take a break from it altogether.

But I think that I finally understand it now.

You see, I enrolled in an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) by  It was a complete course that taught OOP from the ground up, and for every concept that we learned, we had an exercise to apply the lessons.  I found it a lot easier to work through the course than my college classes as I wasn’t as rushed, and could take the time to go through the lessons again as needed.

I went through the lessons in about a week and I finally understand Object Oriented Programming.

What a relief.

If you are struggling with OOP, and are looking a way to develop marketable software development skills, I would recommend following the course by  Get a 75% discount when you use promo code aheadinjava .

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May 25, 20150 comments
Cleaning Our Rental Home

Cleaning Our Rental Home

After we had to evict our last tenant, we found ourselves in quite the mess.  The tenant had left the place disgusting and really unlivable, so we knew that we had a lot of cleaning to do before we could rent the unit out again.  While we could have done all of the work ourselves, the truth of the matter was that we just didn’t have enough time.  With the end of the month just a few days away, we were in a rush to get a new tenant in as soon as possible.

So, we decided to hire some help.

One of the areas that we were not equipped to handle was cleaning the carpets.  I don’t know what was spilled on the carpet, but it was gross – I certainly didn’t want to get down on my hands and knees to scrub the carpet.  Luckily, we had a friend that specialized in steam cleaning in Edmonton.  He was able to come out and did a remarkable job in very little time – in fact, the carpets looked brand new.

Now that the floor is clean, we can work on the rest of the home.  We are hoping to have it done by Wednesday and ideally have someone moving in on the first.

It will be a lot of work, but I really think we will be able to pull it off.

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Free Booking System for WordPress

Free Booking System for WordPress

When we were setting up our bed and breakfast, we wanted to setup a website as well.  We thought that it would be the perfect way to make it easy for our customers to find us and book their rooms.  When we looked into finding a booking system for our rooms, we quickly discovered that there were a lot of expensive solutions on the market.  Since we were testing the waters, we were looking for a free booking system that could integrate with the WordPress blog that we had setup.

We were just about to give up home, and then we discovered Sagenda.

Sagenda is a free WordPress booking plugin that allows you to easily setup a booking system for your business.  It integrates seamlessly with your existing WordPress theme and is responsive, so it looks good on computers, tablets and smartphones.  You don’t have to be a tech genius to set it up, and your site can be accepting reservations in less than ten minutes.

While we are using it for our bed and breakfast, there are a number of other things that you can use the software for.  Some examples include booking for events, medical clinics, car rental and sports equipment rental.

But really, the possibilities are endless.

If you are looking for a booking system that will integrate with your site and provide all of the features that you would expect from a paid booking system, you should give Sagenda a try.  To learn more, visit their site at

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Promoting Our Brand Using Hashtag Photo Booths

Promoting Our Brand Using Hashtag Photo Booths

While many brands are actively doing self-promotion on social media sites, the real magic with any kind of social marketing happens when your customers promote your brand for you because they want to.  These genuine mentions of your company have the opportunity to go viral and generate some real traction that is more effective than any paid advertising campaign.  Typically, as a brand, you do not have the means to encourage these types of recommendations to happen, but we have been testing a new way to encourage people to speak about our brand on their social media accounts.  We have done this by using the hashtag photo booth from

Hashtag Photo Booth from BrankRocket

The hashtag photo booth is an automated hashtag printing kiosk.  It provides a unique way to incentivise consumers to promote your business or products through their Twitter and Instagram social media accounts.  The way it works is very simple:

  1. They take a picture
  2. They upload your image to Instagram or Twitter with a unique hashtag
  3. They select your image on the automated kiosk and hit print

BrandRocket offers the automated hashtag printing kiosk in Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa, and it is the first social media marketing tool of its’ kind in the area.  We have tried it at a number of tradeshows as well as a few events that we have hosted, and it has really worked well as a brand marketing tool.  We found that it gives us the opportunity to reach and engage potential customers that we would normally would not have access to.

It has been a very effective marketing tool for our organization.

To learn more about the hashtag photo booth and how you can use it in your brand marketing campaigns, visit BrandRocket at

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Getting Medical Detox from Opiates

Getting Medical Detox from Opiates

My brother struggled with addictions from an early age, but over the course of the last couple of years, his life took a turn for the worse.  You see, he has never really been one to make good choices in life, but he was pushed over the edge when his girlfriend passed away.  It was in a terrible car crash, and he took it pretty hard.  It happened on the weekend he was going to propose to her, and her death spun him out of control.

He started drinking heavily and started using heroin.  He went from a fun loving brother to something a lot more sinister and dark.  It don’t think that it helped that alcoholism ran in our family, and Michael became a heroin addict.

His drug problem affected every aspect of his life from his job to his family relationships.  His substance abuse problem was ruining his life, and I wanted to do something about it.

While I tried to convince him that he needed to get heroin treatment, it wasn’t until my uncle passed away that he had another wakeup call.  Uncle Steve was a heroin addict as well, and he passed away at the young age of fifty five.

That gave Michael the wakeup call that he needed.

With my help, we enrolled him in the Boynton beach drug detox program.  They have a comprehensive program that will help Michael to set his life straight and help him break free of the addiction that has been controlling his life.  We know that it will take some time to go through the program, but I am looking forward to getting my brother back.

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Give Yourself the Competitive Advantage in Any Marketplace

Give Yourself the Competitive Advantage in Any Marketplace

One of the biggest time-sucks for any business is research.  This can affect just about any aspect of your business including

  • product creation
  • traffic
  • marketing

Unfortunately for most businesses, doing any kind of research in these areas requires time and money.  While working on figuring out your marketing plan, you might be distracted from working on what is important – your business.

But there is a way to get a competitive advantage.


Well, what if you could have access to what is working right now online for everything from generating traffic to your website, to the best converting sales letters, and the converting opportunities for your business? 

Do you think that it would make your job easier having a library of research at your fingertips?

You bet it would.

Doing something like this on your own would require a huge investment of both time and money.  But having this kind of information right at your fingertips would ensure success in any business venture that you decided to enter.

Want to learn how to have a competitive advantage in any marketplace?

Shortcut your success with the world’s largest collection of proven swipe files that will accelerate your product creation, traffic, sales, conversions, authority & online profits.  Visit to learn more.

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Finding an Apartment in London

Finding an Apartment in London

In about a month’s time, I will be traveling to London for work.  We are meeting some new clients in person over there, and provided that our initial meeting goes well, I am expecting to spend about three weeks over there working.  While this might sound fun, it has been a real challenge finding lodging.

On one hand I could stay at a hotel the entire time, but the truth of the matter is that it would be very expensive.  We want to walk away from this client with money in-hand, so wasting it all on a hotel room makes no sense.

There had to be a more economical way for our company to secure lodging for three weeks.

While looking for a solution, I was able to find a good discount at Airbnb.  This site provided the opportunity for someone like myself to find lodging at a rate that was much lower than any hotel room I could find.  Honestly, I wasn’t sacrificing anything by going this route, and I would be just as cozy staying in an apartment.

So, I booked it.

While we have never done this type of booking in the past, staying in an apartment will now be the way we operate moving forward.  It just makes sense.

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May 22, 20150 comments
Played Final Fantasy 14 All Night

Played Final Fantasy 14 All Night

Well, it is just after six in the morning and I need to go to bed.  What started out as “just a few hours” of playing Final Fantasy XIV last night turned into an all-nighter.  I was pretty excited to play after buying some FFXIV gil to upgrade my equipment, and after the shopping spree I had in the game, I decided to play a little.

I had all of my snacks and a big bottle of pop right at my desk to drink, so there was no reason for me to get up.  Sure, I took a few breaks to stare out at the city below me, but otherwise, I was content to sit at the computer and play all night.

I had a lot of fun.

Thankfully I have the day off of work today, so I can head to bed right after eating some breakfast.  I will have to sleep for awhile, but I might get up later to keep playing.  It is really nice to finally play a game that has hooked me – it has been so long since one has really grabbed me and hooked me in.

Well, I’m off to bed for a few hours – when I get up, I will have to play for a bit longer since FFXIV is so much fun.

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Buying New Equipment in RuneScape 3.0

Buying New Equipment in RuneScape 3.0

While I haven’t been playing RuneScape 3 for very long, I love it.  I have played the RuneScape series since the beginning, and RS3 has been the most beautiful installment yet.  It is my escape for when I am home from work and the kids are in bed, and I really wish I could play it a lot more than I do.

The one area that I struggle in the game is with gold.  I don’t have the time to really dedicate to the game, so if there is a new piece of equipment that I would like to buy, it would just take me too long to collect enough money on my own.  So there are many areas where my character just can’t handle the monsters, and I have been looking for ways to remedy that situation.

After doing a little research, I found a place to buy RS 3 gold.  The site I found was, a marketplace for people looking to buy currencies for their favorite games.  What I loved was that they really focused on two things: quick delivery and safety.  No one wants to get their account banned for buying gold, and these guys knew the safe way to transfer gold to my account.

It only took a few hours after I bought the gold to have it transferred to my account, and I was able to use it immediately.  I upgraded my character’s equipment and the game became a whole lot easier.  If I ever need to upgrade my equipment in the future, I will buy some RS3 gold again as it makes more sense than wasting time farming for it.

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May 21, 20150 comments
Bought Some Gil in Final Fantasy XIV

Bought Some Gil in Final Fantasy XIV

I have been a real Final Fantasy fan since the original came out for the Nintendo Entertainment system so many years ago.  There have been a lot of changes and stories told over the years, and I have been happy to live through all of them.  While I didn’t like the original version of Final Fantasy IV, I decided to pickup a copy of FFXIV: A Realm Reborn and give it a try.

What I had not expected was the amount of free time that I would need to really progress through the game.  With a fulltime job, I really didn’t have the same amount of time to dedicate to a video game, and it was apparent that I wasn’t going to make it very far with what little gil (the in-game currency) that I had.

Since I am an impatient fellow, I decided that instead of trading my time to farm money in the game, I would buy it instead.  It didn’t take me long to find a site that sold cheap FFXIV gil and order some for my account.  The gil was delivered quickly and I was so happy that I was able to upgrade my equipment and have an easier time with the game.

In the future, if I feel that I need some new equipment for my character, I am just going to buy the gil instead of spending my time grinding to get it – it just makes more sense.

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