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Staying Awake During the Night Shift

Staying Awake During the Night Shift

Working the night shift isn’t for everyone, but since I have been a nightowl since I was born, it is the perfect job for me.  Things are pretty quiet at this time of night for me at the front desk of this hotel, but thankfully management allows us to bring a computer or tablet to use to keep ourselves entertained at night.  Honestly, it is really just there to keep us awake and these little pieces of technology do a pretty good job.

But working the night shift can get very lonely.  When you consider that I don’t see a lot of chatty people at night (since most of them are trying to get to bed), there are some days where I don’t even get to speak to a soul.

And if you ask me, that isn’t healthy.

So, I have found a free online chatting app that has allowed me to make some friends with other people around the world.  Whenever I feel lonely at work I know that I can use my Swift Chat app to connect with people and have someone to talk to.

To learn more about Swift Chat app and how you can connect to thousands of people from around the world, visit

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February 23, 20150 comments
Affordable Small Business Hiring

Affordable Small Business Hiring

One of the biggest challenges for us as a small business is hiring.  While the interview and hiring process has been a very good experience for us, actually finding candidates has not been as positive.

My biggest frustration with the whole hiring process would have to be the expense in both time and money to get your job posting out to as many people as possible.  You would think that it should be easy to do small business hiring since we are a smaller organization, but that isn’t the case.

In fact, statistics show that the typical cost of hiring for a small organization like ours is nearly five times as much as large corporations on the major job boards.  The time cost for a small company like ours is over an hour for one posting.

I’m not happy about that.

But since we noticed that it was a problem, we decided to do something about it.  There had to be a easier and more efficient way to post our jobs online.  That is when we came across, a company that provides an easier solution for job postings – no matter what the size of your organization.  In just a few clicks, your job is posted.

They also have a set of complementary tools that help you to browse submitted resumes, schedule interviews and more.  For a company that doesn’t really have a human resources department, these tools make our hiring process a lot easier.

So if you are a smaller organization, and are looking to streamline your hiring process, consider using

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February 16, 20150 comments
Finding the Perfect Baby Gift for my Niece

Finding the Perfect Baby Gift for my Niece

When it comes to buying baby gifts, I don’t really have any experience.  Honestly, except for a few friends that have had babies, I don’t have any experience being an auntie.  But since my brother had his first child a few days ago, I found myself in the situation where I needed to find a gift for them and their baby.

What do you get for first-time parents?

Well, that was a tough one.  I’m young enough that I haven’t even thought about having kids yet, so I didn’t know what to get them.  Of course, my first instinct was to ask them what they needed, but I wanted to surprise them as well.

So, I spoke to my mother who knew basically which relatives were getting which presents.  She suggested that I get them a high chair.

What did I know about high chairs?


Nothing at all.

So, I searched online to find out which baby high chair is the best and I ended up at a number of review websites.  I read each one of them and then based my choice on the one that consistently had the best review.  If you are looking for one, you can find out here which baby high chair is the best.

I ordered it online and it should be here in about a week.

I know they will love their new high chair!

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MMBF Trust Helps Fund Aspiring Filmmakers

MMBF Trust Helps Fund Aspiring Filmmakers

While many children have dreams of becoming great filmmakers, few of them will attain the goal.  Much like any profession, some will not have the drive, talent and stamina to see their dream through the end.  But many of them will not be able to achieve their dreams because of financial reasons.

The Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund (or MMBF for short) is a UK based international charity that provides grants worldwide for aspiring filmmakers.  Some of their grants are targeted to applicants under the age of 21 whereas others are available to any age.

Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund

The fund supports filmmakers through grants and bursaries for training through accredited acting and filmmaking schools.  There are also opportunities for funding for first time filmmakers, as well as sponsorship for film festivals and award ceremonies.

The MMBF was founded by Matthew C. Martino in October 2014, to give back to the two industries that helped make him who he is: piloting and filmmaking.  He saw a need in the filmmaking industry for funding to be available for the next generation of filmmakers and actors to get the training they needed and have the opportunities they needed to really succeed in this industry.

To learn more about how the Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund (MMBF) can help you with your career in the film industry, visit their official site at

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February 10, 20150 comments
Finding a New Dentist for Mother

Finding a New Dentist for Mother

While my mother would like to think that she is still 39, the truth of the matter is that she is close to seventy.  I have been helping her for some time now to take care of her affairs and make appointments.  She finds it hard to get out of the house on her own, so I am usually the one that takes her.

She had been complaining about her teeth for some time now, so I thought that I should make an appointment with a Chicago dentist for her.  She wished that her dentist had not retired, but unfortunately there was nothing that we could do about it, so I called around to find her another one.

It didn’t take very long to set her up an appointment at a dental clinic close to where she lives and we will be going there this week.  I know she will be a little leery about seeing a new dentist, but I am sure it will be fine.

After her checkup, I think that we will have to go out and get her groceries for the week and maybe get her a haircut.  We might as well get as much done as we are out.

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February 8, 20150 comments
Locked Out of my Garage

Locked Out of my Garage

I hate to admit it, but I made a little mistake.  This afternoon I have been cleaning out the garage and things were going great.  I was listening to music and making some real progress on the mess that I had accumulated over the years.  It would have been better if I could have opened the garage door to let some fresh air in, but it has been broken for some time now.

But I was getting thirsty.

So, I decided to run back into the house to get a drink.  The garage door closed behind me and I realized one thing:

I left my keys in the garage and now the door was locked.

Thankfully, the house was unlocked, but now I had no way to get my cell phone or my keys as they were locked in the garage.  You would think that I would have a spare pair of keys, but those were in the garage too.


So, I had to call an Austin locksmith to come out and get me back into the garage.  It didn’t take them long to get out here and even less time to open the door.

While I was able to resolve the situation, it was definitely a learning experience – I need to make sure to have a spare key for my garage available in case something like this happens again.

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Dropping Off my Resume

Dropping Off my Resume

Well, it has been a few weeks now that I haven’t had a job, and my savings are just about depleted.  Since I won’t be able to survive on my savings for much longer, I have decided to see if I can find myself another job.  I was hoping that the business opportunity that I joined would have picked up quicker than it did, so I will just have to go back to work and hope that the business will pick up.

Looking for a job again was weird, but a necessity.  Some times you just have to suck it up and deal with what life throws at you.

So, I tweaked my resume and added the skills that I picked up at my last job.  I also added the Office Administrator diploma that I received from my correspondence course.

It was ready.

I went down to the local copy shop and printed off fifty copies of my resume – it was going to be enough for a start.

I handed those resumes out on Friday at many places including a locksmith near Dallas, a number of dental offices, some businesses in the office buildings downtown, and even one at a pizza joint.  At this point, I can’t be picky – I hope that I will be able to start work somewhere this week.

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Hispanic Comedians Crack Me Up

Hispanic Comedians Crack Me Up

For a good portion of my life I lived in Miami.  If you have ever lived there, you know that there is some great culture down there, and I always look back on my days there and smile.  The one thing that I really enjoyed while living there was catching stand up comedy shows, and I really loved the comedic style of the comedians that came through there.

But since I moved across the country, I have not had the opportunity to enjoy listening to any Hispanic comedians as none seem to come through our town.

On a whim one day, I was flipping through the channels on my Sirius/XM satellite radio and came across channel 153 in the middle of a program by a Latino radio host, Pepe Billete.  He was interviewing a politician (I didn’t quite catch her name), and the conversation that was going on was funny.

Really funny.

In fact, I was laughing so hard that the guy sitting next to me at the red light looked at me like I was crazy.

The host of the show brought me back to the clubs that I used to sit in at Miami, and that put a smile on my face.  I did some research later on, and discovered that Pepe was relatively new as a nationally syndicated radio host and had previously written a column for the Miami New Times.

I became his fan on Twitter and Facebook and I tune into his radio show, Pepe Billete Uncensored every weekday at 5:00 PM EST.

If you like to laugh, check Pepe Billete out – he is definitely one of the best Miami comedians of our time.

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February 2, 20150 comments
Starting my New Job Monday

Starting my New Job Monday

When the opportunity to be a regional manager came up in our company, I applied thinking that I wouldn’t get it.  I haven’t been with our company that long, so I was sure that I wouldn’t be a suitable candidate, but I wanted to make sure that they knew I was interested.

Surprisingly, I got the job.

While getting the job was great news, the fact that I would be moving across the country was not.  It certainly wasn’t convenient, but my position starts on Monday, and I have to be there.

Which has put me in a little pickle.

I was hoping to find some reliable house buyers in the bay area to take my home off of my hands before I left on Friday.  I phoned around to a number of companies in the area, and someone from Aperture Real Estate is coming out this afternoon to look at my home and hopefully make me an offer.

I hope they take it off my hands.

I don’t know how I am going to get everything tidied up before I leave on Saturday for my drive across the country to the apartment that I am renting.  While it is an exciting time, I am a little worried – I’ve never done anything like this before.

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January 22, 20150 comments
Working on Our Fixer-Upper

Working on Our Fixer-Upper

When I bought our house a few years ago, I bought it because it was going to be a project of mine.  We were able to get a great deal on it, but the catch was that it needed a lot of work.  Working on the home gave me something to do on the weekends and evenings after work, and slowly but surely, the home has been renovated.

I’m happy to say that I’m almost done.

My latest project has been working on the garage.  It has been in rough shape since we bought the home, and we have never been able to use it.  The roof needs some love and the garage door needs to be replaced.  So, I’ve booked a company that will fix our garage door Austin and they will be coming out today.  I had them out last week to do an assessment as to what I could do with it and if we could even save the existing door.

It turns out that we can’t.

So, they will be out today to take away the old door, replace the header beam, and put up a new one.  I’ve opted for an aluminum garage door, so it should be a lot lighter to open.  I think that they will be installing a garage door opener as well, but I’m not sure.

Once the garage is done, all that will be left will be the backyard.  Hopefully I can tackle the yard this summer, get it into good shape and then we’ll be done everything.  Our home will be the beautiful place that I have always imagined thanks to a lot of hard work.

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January 9, 20150 comments