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Starting my New Job Monday

Starting my New Job Monday

When the opportunity to be a regional manager came up in our company, I applied thinking that I wouldn’t get it.  I haven’t been with our company that long, so I was sure that I wouldn’t be a suitable candidate, but I wanted to make sure that they knew I was interested.

Surprisingly, I got the job.

While getting the job was great news, the fact that I would be moving across the country was not.  It certainly wasn’t convenient, but my position starts on Monday, and I have to be there.

Which has put me in a little pickle.

I was hoping to find some reliable house buyers in the bay area to take my home off of my hands before I left on Friday.  I phoned around to a number of companies in the area, and someone from Aperture Real Estate is coming out this afternoon to look at my home and hopefully make me an offer.

I hope they take it off my hands.

I don’t know how I am going to get everything tidied up before I leave on Saturday for my drive across the country to the apartment that I am renting.  While it is an exciting time, I am a little worried – I’ve never done anything like this before.

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January 22, 20150 comments
Working on Our Fixer-Upper

Working on Our Fixer-Upper

When I bought our house a few years ago, I bought it because it was going to be a project of mine.  We were able to get a great deal on it, but the catch was that it needed a lot of work.  Working on the home gave me something to do on the weekends and evenings after work, and slowly but surely, the home has been renovated.

I’m happy to say that I’m almost done.

My latest project has been working on the garage.  It has been in rough shape since we bought the home, and we have never been able to use it.  The roof needs some love and the garage door needs to be replaced.  So, I’ve booked a company that will fix our garage door Austin and they will be coming out today.  I had them out last week to do an assessment as to what I could do with it and if we could even save the existing door.

It turns out that we can’t.

So, they will be out today to take away the old door, replace the header beam, and put up a new one.  I’ve opted for an aluminum garage door, so it should be a lot lighter to open.  I think that they will be installing a garage door opener as well, but I’m not sure.

Once the garage is done, all that will be left will be the backyard.  Hopefully I can tackle the yard this summer, get it into good shape and then we’ll be done everything.  Our home will be the beautiful place that I have always imagined thanks to a lot of hard work.

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January 9, 20150 comments
Starting a New Job as a Locksmith Near Austin

Starting a New Job as a Locksmith Near Austin

I always thought that when I was older, I would be in a stable career until I retired.  And that is exactly the place I was four weeks ago.  You see, I had been in a corporate job for years, and while it was stable, it was also boring.  I just wished for a challenge and escape from my cubicle.

Back in September, a buddy of mine suggested that I could work as a locksmith near Austin.  His buddy owned a locksmith shop and he would put in a good word for me, but I would need to commit to the job.  You see, there is a lot of training involved to become a locksmith, and unless I was willing to commit to the job, I would be wasting my time and the employers.

I really had to think about it.

But after a few weeks, things became clear: I needed to start this new job.  For the first time in forever, I would have the opportunity to work outside of an office, help people, and work in a career where there was a new challenge every day.

I decided to take the plunge.  In December, I gave my notice to quit.

Fast forward to today.  It is the beginning of my new job.

I’m very excited.  This is going to be a new adventure.

Wish me luck!

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My Nephew Was Locked in the Bathroom

My Nephew Was Locked in the Bathroom

I love being an auntie.  When I found out my sister was having kids a few years ago, I was stoked.  I had always dreamt that I would be the best auntie ever and spend a lot of time with my nieces and nephews.  While I only have one nephew at the moment, I hang out with Brett as much as I can.

So, when my sister asked if I could watch Brett for an afternoon one Saturday, I said yes.  Brett and I always have a good time coloring, reading and playing hide and go seek.

This particular Saturday, we were playing hide-and-go-seek in my house, and Brett decided to hide in the bathroom.  I managed to find him, but I couldn’t open the door.

It was locked.

There was my three year old nephew locked in the bathroom, and I was going to win the worst auntie of the year award.

I had to do something.

I tried popping the lock open, but it wouldn’t budge.

I couldn’t find a way into the bathroom at all.

As a last resort, I picked up my smartphone and looked for a locksmith near Houston.  I called the first one that I could find, and they rushed right over.

They had the door open in minutes, and thankfully Brett was okay.

I kind of felt like a fool.

Because of this incident, I’m going to have to go through the house and make sure any door that can be locked can be opened from the outside.

I can’t have this happen while I am babysitting ever again.

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Traveling to Cuba for a Vacation

Traveling to Cuba for a Vacation

My life up to this point has been busy.  I guess I had been so focused on school and getting ready to have a career that I just didn’t do much else. But now that I am finished college and looking to start a career, I thought that it would be the perfect time to take a breath and live a little.  I know that once I start my career, there will be little time for me to think of going on vacation.

So, I’m packing my bags and I am going to Cuba.

Why Cuba?

That is a good question.

You see, I chose Cuba for one reason: vintage cars.  I know that they have some beautiful cars on their roads, and I would like to see them in person. 

But that is really not the only reason to go there.  I’m looking forward to meeting the people, tasting the food, and enjoying the sun, far away from this frigid winter.

While I am there, I have arranged with my travel agency, Authentic Cuba, to go on one of the Cuba tours that they offer.  It is an eight day tour that is focused on Cuban culture and history.  It looks like we will be stopping at some pretty amazing places and I think it will be an adventure of a lifetime.

Too bad I have to wait until March to come before I can go on vacation. I’m so excited about it, I could go right now if I could!

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January 7, 20150 comments
Waking Up to a Fresh Cup of Coffee

Waking Up to a Fresh Cup of Coffee

While I wonder sometimes why I ever chose a career that meant that I would be up at five in the morning, it is a reality that I deal with on a daily basis.  I am not a morning person, and at times I really struggle waking up every day.  So there are a few things that I do to start my day to ensure that I am awake and alert when I walk into the office a few hours after I get out of bed.  One of the most important things I do is wake up and have a fresh cup of coffee.

When I say that I have a fresh cup of coffee, that is exactly what I mean.  Unlike many of my peers, I don’t run out to some fast food joint or convenience store to get that cup of coffee – I make it right here at home.  My drink of choice comes from Ateaz fair trade coffees, a company that I discovered a few months ago at the Philadelphia Coffee And Tea Expo.

What I love about their coffee is the flavor that really surprises me when I have that first sip from the cup. 

Smooth, bold and delightful.

Their coffee wakes me up and puts a smile on my face.

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January 2, 20151 comment
Finding a New Phone for Mom

Finding a New Phone for Mom

My mother isn’t the most technically inclined person in the world, but I want her to be safe wherever she goes.  She does a lot of driving on her own, and I don’t want her to ever be in the situation where she is stranded somewhere in her car.  So, about five years ago, we bought her a flip phone that she carries with her wherever she goes.  But since it has been acting up lately, I have decided that it is time to find a new phone for mom.

One of the biggest challenges has been figuring out what kind of plan we should get her.  We need a phone that is easy to use and  great on battery life that comes with a good plan.  So, I have been working to compare mobile phone deals that will meet her needs and her budget.

I really wish that we could take advantage of some of the sim only deals, but I am not sure that it would be the best choice considering her phone is not working quite right.

I have to figure out which phone we are going to get my mother before Friday as we are going out to pick up a new phone for her then.  I just hope that she will be able to learn how to use her phone easily.

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December 30, 20140 comments
Psychic Christopher Golden – $1,200 an Hour!

Psychic Christopher Golden – $1,200 an Hour!

There are not many professions where you can make $1,200 per hour, but psychic Christopher Golden does.  You haven’t seen this psychic on any reality show, he doesn’t host his own television show and has not appeared on Oprah, and yet, people are happy to pay him $1,200 per hour just to talk to him.


Because he has a great track record of providing sound dating advice, helping broken and troubled couples get back together and he has saved countless marriages.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.

You will find countless reviews all over the web on sites such as Merchant Circle, Manta, Mojo, Yahoo Reviews, Google Reviews, Insider Pages, and many others that praise the experience that people have had speaking with psychic Christopher Golden.  Most of the feedback is overwhelmingly positive and speaks to the high rate of success he has had helping people out across the world.

He has been mentioned by many media outlets including being named the number one psychic in the entire Los Angeles area.  Huffington Post has called him the “psychic to the stars.”

While he stays out of the limelight, his help is just a phone call away.  To learn more about how you can get your psychic reading over the phone and benefit from psychic Christopher Golden’s advice, visit

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Figuring Out my 2015 Income Tax Refund

Figuring Out my 2015 Income Tax Refund

While I should be out visiting with our company that has been here since Christmas, I decided to slip away and sit at the computer.  I don’t really do well visiting all of the time since I am an introvert, so sneaking away like this gives me a chance to recharge my batteries for the next round of social banter.  While I am hiding out here in my study, I have decided to try and figure out what my 2015 income tax refund will be.

Since I have most of my forms on hand, it is the perfect time to see whether or not I will be getting an income tax refund in 2015.  I used to figure out everything by hand, but since I am getting a bit older now, I depend on the computer to figure it out for me.

While I always used one particular program, an accountant friend of mine suggested that I try the tax calculator at HR Block.  It seems to be a very straight-forward way to figure out what your refund will be, and after plugging in my numbers, I really liked the answer it spit out.

I know that I will have to wait until I have all of my forms before I can file my taxes and find out exactly what my refund will be, but calculators like this are nice as they give you an idea of what to expect far in advance of when you have to pay the IRS.

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December 29, 20140 comments
Remembering Our Wedding Day

Remembering Our Wedding Day

There are very few days in my life that were very memorable.  Off the top of my head, I can think of just a few of them: fishing with my dad up North, the day I graduated from college, and our wedding day.  What makes our wedding day special is that we have pictures of that day and we can revisit those moments over and over again.

But there was a point while we were planning our wedding that we didn’t know if there was going to be any photos at all.  My wife had so much trouble finding a photographer that would travel with us to Los Cabos, and we didn’t want to get any of our friends to do it.  On a whim, we called a Los Cabos wedding photographer that we found online and he offered to take our job.  We weren’t going to meet him in person until the wedding day, so we were banking that everything would go smoothly.

As it turned out, we made an excellent choice when it came to photographers.  The photos that he took were breathtaking.  It really helped that he was familiar with the area and had pre-selected locations where we were to take pictures.  He was very thorough and professional the entire day.

We really loved the moments that he captured of our day.  While there were plenty of amazing shots captured of us, he did a wonderful job of taking pictures of our guests too.  The photos made a wonderful album, and to this day, these photographs take me back to the moment that I said “I do.”

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December 24, 20141 comment