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Upgraded to Online Human Resources Software

Upgraded to Online Human Resources Software

For years we have done all of our human resources management from our home office.  This has required us to have an HR department that spends a lot of their day doing data entry for all of the time off requests, sick employees, and inputting new employee information.  While this would have been adequate for a company in the nineties, times have changed and we have decided to modernize our HR department and start using modern human resources software.

It took us some time to go through our options and pick a solution that would work for our needs and our business. We decided to use, an HR software package that promised to streamline our ability to run our business efficiently.  It made it easy to manage our employee information, calculating leave balances, and maintaining all of our HR documents safely and securely online.

To add icing to the cake, there is also a mobile version of the software which makes it easy to update and consult our HR records online wherever we go.

It makes working in the HR department a lot easier than it used to be.

If you are looking to make your human resources department more efficient by managing all of your employee information and documents in a safe place online, then Online Staff Leave Planner is the solution you have been looking for.  To learn more, visit

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May 27, 20150 comments
Essential Webmaster Resource

Essential Webmaster Resource

While I might have a lot of experience running businesses, when it comes to running a website, I am a bit of a novice.  I just dove into running our website here eight months ago, and it has been quite the learning curve.  There have definitely been some ups and downs, but I am slowly getting my head around it.

I have come a long way from the guy who didn’t even know what web hosting was a year ago.  But I can’t take all of the credit myself.  You see, I had a bit of help along the way.

One of the resources that I have used to help me become the webmaster that I am today is  It is a website that showcases the most useful tips for webmasters and is updated on a daily basis.  Every time that I stop to read the blog, I find something new and useful that I can apply to my role as the webmaster of our business.

I discovered Dev Alert by accident while trying to figure out how to install WHM on my dedicated server.  I appreciated their instructions that were simple to follow and gave me the guidance I needed to make installing WHM on my new machine easy.

If you are a webmaster, Dev Alert is a resource that will make your job running websites and hosting accounts a lot easier.  Find the best tips over at

Pin It Helps you to Start Your Business Right Helps you to Start Your Business Right

While many entrepreneurs excel at creating successful businesses, most of them struggle with coming up with catchy name that is short, memorable and really helps them to stand out from their competitors.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

LuckyTakeoff, a London based branding company, makes it easy for you to hit the ground running with a business name, domain name and logo for your business.  They take all of the work that comes along with establishing an online brand so that you can hit the ground running.  New businesses are able to leverage their fifteen years of experience of naming and branding things and companies.

Their LuckyTakeoff branding package provides you with a business name, logo, domain name, responsive website, a branding identity package and business cards – everything that you need to launch your company.  You can focus on building your business instead of wasting time trying to figure out what to name your company.

It is a stress free way to launch your new business.

Start your business right without all of the stress with LuckyTakeoff.  Browse through their brands and find the perfect name for your business.  Visit and start your business venture today!

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May 26, 20150 comments
Planning a Relaxing Trip to Crikvenica

Planning a Relaxing Trip to Crikvenica

I have been working a couple of jobs for about six months now so that I could take a month long vacation far away from here.  My girlfriends and I do this once per year, and it is a great time for us to kick back and get away from our busy lives here.

The last couple of years we have taken vacations only a short drive away from our homes, but this year we are going to travel a lot further.  We’ve decided to go to Cikvenica, a coastal town in Croatia.  My best friend Maja grew up there, so we will be able to have fun in the sun and visit with her family there.

Instead of staying in a hotel for the entire stay, we have decided to rent an apartment instead.  I thought that booking an apartment from half-way across the world would be tough, but it was a lot easier than I thought.

I was able to find a good deal on an apartment at .  Our place will be just a third of a kilometer from the beach, so it will be easy to spend time in the sun.

It will be about a month before we head out on our vacation – I can’t wait!

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Hints From iNexxus: Digital Marketing Job Trends

Hints From iNexxus: Digital Marketing Job Trends

In this global phenomenon we call the ‘digital age’, marketing agencies are significantly shifting their strategies to accompany new and interesting technologies, some of which many couldn’t even fathom a decade ago. The types of careers in demand are unceasingly evolving. A digital marketing team today, like the one at iNexxus digital marketing agency, requires partners, CEOs, IT professionals, graphic designers, marketing specialists, search engine optimizers (SEOs) and content writers, but most importantly, all must embody imaginative minds along with a high level of professionalism and adaptability.

The demand for experienced marketing professionals is currently high, but it seems that employers are actually facing a significant lack in qualified specialists. 69 percent of recruiters expect hiring to become more competitive over the next 12 months. Yet, in spite of the skilled labor shortage, hiring is at a high with 34 percent of recruiters anticipating filling between 11-50 positions within the next year, yet the first year on the job usually serves as a testing ground and may or may not be a permanent job.


However, for graphic designers the scope is quite different. Graphic designers are extremely valuable for a marketing firm, as they are needed to plan, analyze, and create visual solutions to communications problems. Their employment is all about initiative. About 25 percent of graphic designers are self-employed; many do freelance work in addition to holding a salaried job in design or in another occupation. A bachelor’s degree is required for most entry-level positions, and an associate’s degree may be sufficient for some technical positions.

IT professionals deal with a slightly different hiring trend, statistics show that employers are much more likely to invest in those who are already members of their firm rather than to recruit from outside. Also, while most techies spend their time learning the latest tech jargon, employers much prefer someone who is also business savvy and knows the language of business.

The role of Digital Communications has remarkably increased. Over the last three months or so, we’ve seen a massive surge in demand from brands looking to hire ‘Digital Communications Officers’ who can look after PR, online content, content marketing and probably the most vital, social media marketing. Roles are merging together – and the digital communications roles are testament to the fact that PR is now the key component of digital marketing. Although it is good to have a background of traditional PR practices, ‘good’ doesn’t really cut it anymore. ‘Good’ has been replaced with ‘innovative’, ‘quick witted’ and sometimes even ‘weird’ if you want to stand out from your basic PR competitors and get hired.

Another noticeable trend we are witnessing is a decrease in pure SEO hiring. Instead of mere SEO specialists, digital marketing agencies such as iNexxus assign a combination of SEO and Insights/Analysis Roles to their respective employees.


It is also interesting to observe the global ‘paid social’ movement. Throughout 2014, brands have struggled with organic social reach on platforms such as Facebook who have tweaked their algorithms, and as a result, many have now started to turn their ‘paid social’ into a bidding war to reach potential customers. Some brands, such as Bell Canada Franchise Cellcom Communications (a major mobile provider in Canada), have therefore brought in paid social experts alongside their existing social media managers in an attempt to regain their social media reach. Cellcom is a growing firm headquartered in Quebec and services customers in Ontario. The company has franchise stores of Bell Canada and their services include home phone, internet, and home TV services. In cooperation with Bell Mobility, Cellcom provides mobile phones and plans as well.

Telecommunication firms such as Cellcom Communications have a vested interest in using social media to reach out to a new customer base as well as conveniently update their current customers on the latest news, offers and merchandise. This will subsequently contribute to the job market. As the demand for such experts increases, all digital marketing firms can do is hope that the trend overturns, supplying with them more experts in their respective fields, and keep providing unparalleled content and quality services in order to stand out from the rest of their own competitors, which is a whole other analysis on its own.

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Getting my Ex Back

Getting my Ex Back

I know I made a horrible mistake letting Melissa go, and if I could take it back if I would.  She was the best thing that happened to me, and I can’t see my life without her in it. 

I really feel that we should be together.

I have been back and forth with my friends on the topic of Melissa and our relationship, and while some of my friends think that I should move on, I can’t – we are meant to be together.

One of my good friends, Jess, suggested that I could get a love spell to bring us back together.  While I would like to think that something like that would work, honestly, I don’t really believe in magic.

What I have decided to do was find an alternative to love spells and find the way to get my ex back.  From my search, I took a free psychic evaluation online from Psychic.Support, a website run by the prominent Beverly Hills Psychic, Christopher Golden.

While I normally wouldn’t consider getting help from a psychic, Christopher Golden has a long list of people that have been helped by him.  Even the Huffington Post called him the “psychic to the stars.”

I am going to give it a shot.  Anything I can do to get Melissa back will be worth it.

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Using Offline Marketing to Increase Profits

Using Offline Marketing to Increase Profits

While we have been using online marketing to successfully promote our online store for years, we have been looking into more traditional means of marketing to drive more customers to our website.  While the focus of most marketing websites have been online marketing these past few years, we still need to remember that there is a large number of people that don’t use the internet.  That is why we have started using offline marketing to help increase our profits.

Since I have been so focused on the online marketing aspect of driving sales to my website, I really had to step back and get reacquainted with offline marketing.  In order to do that, I decided to see if I could find any websites online that would provide a good breadth of knowledge and techniques I could use to develop my skills marketing offline.

Out of all the resources that I found, the one that really provided the best value would be  It is a site that is focused on the offline marketing niche and provides tips, techniques and tactics that any business can use to market themselves offline.  It was nice to read a site that provided real value without a bunch of fluff.

To learn more about how you can effectively market your site offline to increase your customer base, sales and profits, head on over to

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I Finally Understand Object Oriented Programming

I Finally Understand Object Oriented Programming

Up until college I found computer science easy.  I suppose that since I grew up with my hands attached to the keyboard I was really destined to be a computer programmer.  It was definitely a passion I pursued, and I coded things just for fun because I loved it.

But when I started college, the one concept that I really struggled with was Object Oriented Programming.  This programming methodology is used in many different programming languages and is one of the key concepts that a software engineer needs to know.

But I didn’t get it.

In fact, I had to drop out of my computer science class because I couldn’t figure it out.  Even with the help of my friends and a tutor, I struggled with it so much I had to drop out of the class and take a break from it altogether.

But I think that I finally understand it now.

You see, I enrolled in an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) by  It was a complete course that taught OOP from the ground up, and for every concept that we learned, we had an exercise to apply the lessons.  I found it a lot easier to work through the course than my college classes as I wasn’t as rushed, and could take the time to go through the lessons again as needed.

I went through the lessons in about a week and I finally understand Object Oriented Programming.

What a relief.

If you are struggling with OOP, and are looking a way to develop marketable software development skills, I would recommend following the course by  Get a 75% discount when you use promo code aheadinjava .

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May 25, 20150 comments
Cleaning Our Rental Home

Cleaning Our Rental Home

After we had to evict our last tenant, we found ourselves in quite the mess.  The tenant had left the place disgusting and really unlivable, so we knew that we had a lot of cleaning to do before we could rent the unit out again.  While we could have done all of the work ourselves, the truth of the matter was that we just didn’t have enough time.  With the end of the month just a few days away, we were in a rush to get a new tenant in as soon as possible.

So, we decided to hire some help.

One of the areas that we were not equipped to handle was cleaning the carpets.  I don’t know what was spilled on the carpet, but it was gross – I certainly didn’t want to get down on my hands and knees to scrub the carpet.  Luckily, we had a friend that specialized in steam cleaning in Edmonton.  He was able to come out and did a remarkable job in very little time – in fact, the carpets looked brand new.

Now that the floor is clean, we can work on the rest of the home.  We are hoping to have it done by Wednesday and ideally have someone moving in on the first.

It will be a lot of work, but I really think we will be able to pull it off.

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Free Booking System for WordPress

Free Booking System for WordPress

When we were setting up our bed and breakfast, we wanted to setup a website as well.  We thought that it would be the perfect way to make it easy for our customers to find us and book their rooms.  When we looked into finding a booking system for our rooms, we quickly discovered that there were a lot of expensive solutions on the market.  Since we were testing the waters, we were looking for a free booking system that could integrate with the WordPress blog that we had setup.

We were just about to give up home, and then we discovered Sagenda.

Sagenda is a free WordPress booking plugin that allows you to easily setup a booking system for your business.  It integrates seamlessly with your existing WordPress theme and is responsive, so it looks good on computers, tablets and smartphones.  You don’t have to be a tech genius to set it up, and your site can be accepting reservations in less than ten minutes.

While we are using it for our bed and breakfast, there are a number of other things that you can use the software for.  Some examples include booking for events, medical clinics, car rental and sports equipment rental.

But really, the possibilities are endless.

If you are looking for a booking system that will integrate with your site and provide all of the features that you would expect from a paid booking system, you should give Sagenda a try.  To learn more, visit their site at

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