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Learning How to Maximize our Website Marketing

Learning How to Maximize our Website Marketing

One of the reasons that our company decided that it was important to have a website presence was that we wanted to reach out to the world.  We had something good to sell, and the internet provided us with a means of reaching customers on every corner of the Earth..

But moving our business to the world wide web and to a global audience provided us with a steep learning curve: there was a lot of things that we needed to know when it came to marketing our website.

Along our travels, we encountered a number of sites that had valuable information and a large number of sites that were just a bunch of fluff.

Over time we filtered out the junk to only a handful of websites that would help us to maximize the time we spent on our online marketing campaigns.  We spent time on what worked and ignored what didn’t.

It just made sense.

One example of a good resource to help you with your online marketing strategy is  Google Fact provides proven techniques to help you get your website ranked well in the Google search engine.  I personally love the site because of the emphasis on infographics – I have always been a visual learner, and I really find infographics speak to me more than a screen full of text.  We have tested and implemented some of the marketing techniques found on their site and we have really seen some good results.

To learn how to maximize your website marketing with current and proven techniques that work, head on over to now.

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October 6, 20150 comments
Quality Website Hosting in Dubai

Quality Website Hosting in Dubai

One of the things that has always been true for any website that we have owned has been that we have had better success with our online businesses when the servers are hosted in the country that we are marketing to.  Whether it is simply related to the better search engine rankings that we receive or a faster customer experience, we will continue to buy hosting in the countries that our websites are catering to.

So when we decided to start selling products online in Dubai, we decided it was time to get a hosting account in that country.  It wasn’t going to be enough for us to host with a company that was based out of Dubai, instead we were looking for a company that provided hosting on servers physically located in Dubai, UAE.

After a bit of looking on the internet, we were able to find a company that offered website hosting in Dubai at a great price.  In fact, their yearly rate was lower than we pay over here and we were able to get a hosting package that meets our needs now, but still leaves us room to grow.

The account was setup quickly, and I am impressed with the actual speed of the server our site is on – it seems a lot faster than typical shared hosting accounts.

With our site now up, we have to wait for sales to start trickling in – we are hoping that our expansion into Dubai will be very lucrative for our company.

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October 5, 20150 comments
Setting Up a Language Lab at School

Setting Up a Language Lab at School

For years, parents at our school have fought to have a French immersion program.  While the funding was not there at the start, the community came together, and through many fundraisers, were able to get the funds to make the program happen.

This year was the first year that the school has started to offer classes in French, and the response has been very positive.  In order to make the program easier for the kids, we have decided to setup a language lab in the school.  It was up to the parents to come up with the equipment needed to make it happen – the school only had enough money for the programming.

So, we held a number of steak nights to make enough money to buy the audio equipment and bulk headphones that we needed.  In fact, we had money left over after all the equipment was purchased thanks to the good deal that gave us on the headphones – we paid less than half of what any other local company would offer us.

It is definitely good to see the school working with the parents to provide better learning opportunities for the kids in our community.  I know that this will be the first of many such partnerships in our area.

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October 4, 20150 comments
Protecting my Identity

Protecting my Identity

While I have always been careful with my personal information and been good at keeping tabs on my wallet, three of my friends in the last six months have had issues where their identities have been stolen.

And for all of them, their lives became a big nightmare that was a mess to fix.

I never want to have to deal with anything like that in my life – so I decided to be proactive about it and started to look into services that provided some kind of protection from identity theft.

Ten years ago you didn’t need to worry about these things, but it seems like there is a new story just about every day about a breach in security for another corporation, bank or even government.  It is just so important to ensure that your personal information stays safe, and if something should happen, someone has your back.

My friends that had their identities stolen all started using LifeLock.  It is one of the major identity theft protection firms out there, and since they usual have a Lifelock promo code available, it is one of the most inexpensive services out there.

So far I am very happy with their service, and I really feel that my identity is protected and safe.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to protect your identity, you can find the most current promo codes on the same site I used:

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Getting Tickets to AC/DC at the Last Minute

Getting Tickets to AC/DC at the Last Minute

I have never been very good at planning ahead.  It certainly wasn’t because of my parents as they were some of the most predictable people that I have ever met.  I always saw it as a quirk, and for many things, it has meant that I have missed some amazing moments, concerts and events in my life.

But at the start of this year, I decided to do something about it.  I figured that I could find away around my inability to plan ahead, because I knew that there were others out there around the world just like me.

I just had to find the website that would help me out.

Everything came together for me when I was looking for tickets for an AC/DC concert.  Like always, I had not planned ahead and bought tickets for the event – instead I just left everything down to the wire, just hours before the concert.

I didn’t know how I was going to get tickets.

But a good friend of mine suggest that I try a ticket broker that he used,  On a whim, I gave it a try.

It was the best decision I could have made.

I was able to get some tickets to the concert (at the last minute), and I was surprised that it was so easy.

Where had this site been all of my life?

Now, I don’t worry about being able to get tickets to concerts or sporting events as I know that I will be able to find them at Best Available Tickets.  You can find tickets for just about everything too – just head on over to now.

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Building Robots with my Son

Building Robots with my Son

One of the things that I have tried to do as my children have grown up is do activities with them one-on-one.  I see spending this quality time with them as a means to get to know them better and really form a better relationship with my kids.

Since I have been fascinated with computers and robotics, I thought it would be a good opportunity for my son and I to bond and learn something at the same time.

While we didn’t know anything about building robots, I knew there had to be resources online that would help us out.

After a bit of searching, we discovered, a website that was geared for people of all skill levels that were looking at building mechatronic based systems like robots.

Which is exactly what we were looking for.

What I loved about their site is that they have a tool, the MDP, that allows you to choose the components that you want to use together, and the tool will suggest what other parts you will need to make your creation work.  This is especially important when you are starting out, and ensures that you won’t be missing anything before you start working on your project.

I think building robots with my son will be a great experience for the both of us.

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September 30, 20150 comments
Retrieving Messages from my iPhone

Retrieving Messages from my iPhone

While I would like to think that I am “older” and “more mature” than I was in my twenties, there are times that I wonder if that is indeed true.  Once every few months I seem to “slip” out of my mature character and do something stupid.

We are talking “The Hangover” kind of stupid.

Last night was one of those nights.

I was invited out to a bachelor party for my best-friend Bruce.  We have been friends for nearly thirty years, and it was fitting that I was out at his bachelor party.  I think that he was voted the most likely to never settle down in high school, but after he found Melissa, that all changed.

He was hooked.

While the party started off early at one of the pubs that we frequented regularly, things got out of control, and honestly I don’t know what we did.  I woke up this morning in a hotel room, wearing a fur coat, with my phone in-hand.

That was it.

But the one thing that I did find out that I did was delete all of the messages on my iPhone.

Every one of them.

That was not good.

Thankfully, I was able to go home and hook the phone up to my computer and run some software to perform an iPhone message recovery.  Whoever created this software is a genius as I don’t know how many times it has been able to get me out of a bind, fix my mistakes, and restore my phone to the condition it was before I did something stupid.

It has been a lifesaver.

In the future, I think that I will have to leave my iPhone home when I go out to bachelor parties – it is just safer that way.

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Watching Music Videos to Relax

Watching Music Videos to Relax

If you were to ask me what helps me to relax and unwind, I would have to say it would be music.  Music really speaks to my soul and can really change my mood no matter what kind of day that I am having.  I suppose that my love of music would be from my father who used to spend hours on end in his study listening to records.  He loved music, and therefore I do as well.

But since we grew up at different times in history, the way that I learned to appreciate music was different than him.  I grew up in the era of music videos on MTV and Much Music, and I could sit in front of the television for hours, enthralled in the music and the stories told in the music videos.

I loved them.

Now, nearly twenty years later, I still spend a lot of time watching music videos.  You can usually find me watching them over at, the internet’s biggest and most popular archive of music videos.

So, if you ever find yourself wanting to discover an entertaining music video or two, or reconnect with some music videos that you enjoyed in your youth, check out 101 Archive.  You are sure to find music that appeals to you.  Head on over to now.

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Learning How to Survive During a Disaster

Learning How to Survive During a Disaster

It seems like all I have been watching on television the last few weeks have been shows and movies dealing with surviving a disaster.  From watching San Andreas in the theater, to watching the latest incarnation of the Walking Dead, all of these shows deal with situations that could potentially cost you your life if you were in need of medical attention and had no access to qualified professionals.

I wanted to be able to have the skills I would need to ensure that I could survive a disaster without getting sick and dying.

While I did have some first aid training, it wasn’t going to be enough to let me survive a crisis.  I needed to be able to diagnose and treat as many conditions as possible without having to depend on technology.

What I needed was a real, survival medical training.

After looking for some training online, I was able to find the perfect survival medical training course that would equip me with the skills I needed to ensure that I would be able to help myself and others during a crisis.  Designed with the help of skilled third world doctors, this course allows anyone to learn the skills to provide medical aid without having to depend on technology or electricity.

And it works.

If you are like me and want to be able to ensure that you stay healthy during any kind of disaster or crisis, you need to get survival medical training from

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Improving our Customer Service with Live Chat

Improving our Customer Service with Live Chat

As a business, we are always on the lookout for ways to offer a better experience for our customers.  Over the years, this has been where our business has really stood out compared to the competition, and offering excellent customer service has really become second nature in all of our interactions with the public.

Recently, it came to our attention that customers were having issues on our website where they had a quick question before placing an order.  At the time, our method of dealing with website inquiries was through email, and we found that we were losing a number of sales because we were not answering our customer’s questions in a timely manner.

Once we understood there was a customer service issue, we decided to do something about it and improve our level of service.

HTML chat room Thankfully the solution was easy.  We added an HTML chat room to our site where we could answer any question almost instantly.

While the chat service is usually just simple text-based service, the customer also has the option to make a live call (much like you would using Skype) for those hard questions that can be better explained by talking to someone.

It really brought our customer service to a new level, and our customers loved it!

Since implementing the live chat service, our sales have increased and our customer satisfaction is at a new high.  Integrating an HTML chat room into our site was one of the best things that we could have done for our customers and our business.

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September 28, 20150 comments